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USB video/audio capture grabber cable /

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Product Description:
Specifications:USB Audio/Video Capture Cable. USB 2.0 High Quality Video Creator.USB 2.0 High-Quality Video Creator allows you to capture and edit movies from a variety of analog video sources. This package includes powerful movie editing and DVD authoring tools that let you add professional quality soundtracks and titles with stunning effects. When your work is completed, you can easily share your movies through e-mail, the WEB, or as high quality VCDs or DVDs. You can play back your movies on your home DVD player or on a computer running DVD playback software.Key Features:* Video Capture: Video capture solution for both still and full motion videos. It lets you capture videos from camcorders, PC cameras, VCRs, or other analog video sources. * Netmeeting & Video Conference * High Speed: up to 30/25 frames per second at DVD resolution (NTSC / PAL). * Snap Shot: A single snap shot button takes still photos at high resolution; great for desktop publishing or web publishing * Small Wonder: Very small dimensions - (H) 88mm (3.47 in) x (W) 31mm (1.22 in.) x (H) 21mm (0.83 in.); Very portable for desktop and notebook PCs.Specifications* USB2.0 high speed compatibility * True Plug and Play performance * Supports NTSC, and PAL Video inputs * USB bus power * Supports USB remote wake-up * Supports high resolution still image capture at 720 X 576 * Includes powerful movie editing and DVD authoring software to make professional level movie editing and sharing easy.System Requirements:* USB: Compliant USB 2.0 free port * CPU: P3 1G GHz (Real time MPEG-1 capture) * P4 1.8G GHz (Real time MPEG-2 capture) * Memory: 128MB of RAM * Sound Card: Speaker and microphone/line in function required for audio recording * Graphics: 4MB RAM for VGA Card (AGP Type) * OS: Windows 2000 / XPPackage Contents:* USB 2.0 High-Quality Video Creator X 1 * User¡¦s Man

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