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LCD monitor post 23.5inch

LCD monitor post 23.5inch /

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Product Description:
Specifications : Post Arm(Multi LCD Monitor)Suits any desks any thickness of desk from 10~65mm.Loading capacity : 10kgs. Description : Post arm series suitable for sites where several monitors are required at the same time, such as financial institution, banking company, stock market, LAN system,IT communication company,(hospital), mainframe centre, building control centre and control tower, etc..Artistic & rugged designed from aluminum alloy, it matches the saving space and elegance of LCD monitors. Character : For matching all customers' requirements, it can support not only 2 ~ 3 monitors, but also connects monitor or keyboard or mouse as a workstation at the same time.Material of main body: aluminum plated.Compatible with FPMB-LA-17Q FPMB-LA-19Q AND FPMB-KA-01Avertical pillar support can be OEM.Optional accessories : FPMB-LA-17Q FPMB-LA-19Q AND FPMB-KA-01A.FPMB-PA-10 : Flat Panel Desktop post mount.

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