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Polycom Communicator Cs100s, Skype Speakerphone

Polycom Communicator Cs100s, Skype Speakerphone

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Product Description:
Designed for travel, the Polycom Communicator enables crystal-clear, full-duplex VoIP conversations while eliminating echoes and feedback. Use it with Skype(R) or any other voice-over-IP protocol for conference or hands-free calling. Includes carrying case and drivers on CD-ROM. Requires Microsoft Windows XP/Vista. Polycom Communicator gives you the ultimate hands-free Skype experience. Based on the same technology used in Polycom's legendary line of triangular SoundStation conference phones, the Skype-certified Polycom Communicator enables crystal-clear, natural conversations when using Skype. Enjoy the freedom of not wearing your headset for hands-free Skype calls, or plug into the built-in stereo headphone port for private conversations. The Polycom Communicator delivers high-fidelity wideband voice quality that sounds like you are in the same room with the people you're calling. Two high-quality microphones provide excellent range for group conversations with up to four participants. Polycom's Acoustic Clarity Technology eliminates echoes and feedback, maximizing your Skype experience. The Future Is Calling Polycom HD Voice delivers over twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations. The difference is so astounding, you will never want to go back to regular phone calls. What is Skype? Skype is a free program that lets people talk to each other over the Internet. You can talk with any other Skype user for free, or use the optional SkypeOut service to call traditional landline or mobile phones.

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