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Retractable Stereo RCa Cable, M/M, 4'

Retractable Stereo RCa Cable, M/M, 4'

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Product Description:
Wouldn't it be great if your stereo cables were always exactly the right length even when you move or rearrange your stereo components? With ZipLinq retractable cables, they can be! ZipLinqs extend and retract from 4 to 48 inches by gently tugging on the ends so you can adjust them to the exact length you want again and again. If you need a cable longer then 48 inches, just put a ZipLinq extension on your existing cable and you'll have four feet of adjustable length.
  • All cables expand/retract from 4 to 48 inches
  • Retractable Stereo RCA Cable M-M

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    Retractable Stereo RCa Cable, M/M, 4' by Zip-linq

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