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Boostaroo Hi-def Surround Amplifier

Boostaroo Hi-def Surround Amplifier

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Product Description:
The Boostaroo Revolution not only quadruples the potential output volume of your MP3 player, it also digitally enhances the sometimes-tinny sound of compressed audio to create a vibrant, full-room sound. It gives your digital audio an extra kick and lets you share it with a friend as well! It works with laptops, game systems and DVD players, too. Requires 2 AAAA batteries, included.
  • High-definition audio clarity digitally added on-the-fly
  • Optimized for headphones rated up to 300 ohms
  • Extends battery life of most portable audio devices
  • Split audio with no loss in sound quality
  • Two 3.5mm stereo jacks let you share your Boostaroo'd music with a friend through a second headset

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    Boostaroo Hi-def Surround Amplifier by Boostaroo

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