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4 Port KVM Switch W/ Cables, PS2 + AC Adapter

4 Port KVM Switch W/ Cables, PS2 + AC Adapter

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Product Description:
Switch between computers with just the touch of a button... or a couple of keystrokes! With our durable, compact 4-port KVM switch you'll never need to disconnect and reconnect computers to use them. Mouse and keyboard emulation feature eliminates computer system lock up. Includes 4 sets of 6-foot cables and AC adapter. Innovative new cables utilize normally unused pairs in the VGA cable for keyboard & mouse. These cables require just one connector for each CPU. Old style cables required 3 connectors for each CPU.
  • Audible confirmation of PC change
  • Auto-run intermittent PC monitoring
  • Front panel reset switch
Resolution:?1600 x 1280
USB Hub:?no
Cables:?4 sets included
Switching:?console/hot key
Measurements:?4 1/2"L x 7 1/2"W x 2"H

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4 Port KVM Switch W/ Cables, PS2 + AC Adapter by ConnectGear

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