10ft SCSI-2 MD50M to SCSI-1 DB25M Cable

10ft SCSI-2 MD50M to SCSI-1 DB25M Cable /

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Product Description:
Connects a SCSI-1 peripheral to a SCSI-2 bus or vice-versa
SCSI-2 Cables from Cables To Go provide you with the performance you expect from your SCSI devices. These SCSI-2 cables feature the Micro-Density 50-pin connector found on Fast SCSI-2 host adapters and a DB25-pin connector found on many peripherals. With a Male-to-Male cable you can connect one peripheral directly to another, or to a SCSI host adapter. Designed with a foil and braid shield overwrapping a twisted-pair construction, providing maximum immunity to EMI/RFI interference combined with a 132 Ohm impedence wire appropriate for faster bus speeds associated with SCSI-2. Shielding of the cable is meticulously handled by soldering 360 degrees from the shielding of the wire to the metal shell which shields the connector. The squeeze latches which fasten the cable to the device are solid, perfectly located for easy plug-in and removal, and ensure an on-going, dependable connection. Molded connectors provide strain relief and add additional protection against EMI/RFI interference. Connectors: Micro-Density 50-pin Male to DB25-pin Male. Cable Type: SCSI-2. Primary Use: Connects a SCSI-1 peripheral to a SCSI-2 bus or vice-versa. Applications: Scanners, zip drives, external storage devices and other SCSI-1/2 peripherals.

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