10'ft wi-fi male to male n-type cable

10'ft wi-fi male to male n-type cable /

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Product Description:
Extend your Wi-Fi antenna connection to increase performance. Relocate your current WiFi antenna or add a high gain antenna to meet aesthetic needs and increase the performance of your wireless LAN network. Our ultra-low-loss cables allow longer runs with no signal degradation. Relocating your WiFi antenna to a more central location and out of an equipment closet is a simple and cost-effective solution to propagation problems. We offer the most common connections, including RP-SMA, RP-TNC, and N-Type. Simply choose the pigtails that meet your connection requirements, then choose the base cable length for your application. Features: N-Type is the most commonly used connector for connecting to antennas. Ultra-Low-Loss cables - 55.4db/100M @ 2500MHz. Impedance íV 50 Ohms. Lifetime Warranty. Specifications: 802.11 a/b/g Compatible. Connector Type: N-Type Male to N-Type Male. Length: 10 feet. Jacket Color: Black.

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